SabKobol Terms & Conditions

Sabkobol is an online web platform, which considers the privacy very seriously, and with that Sabkobol also respect the concerns of the users to its online web platform. Using this policy, we are describing our privacy policies about the information which we collect from online web platform – and its affiliated websites. Below you will get information on how you can share information when you land to any of the Sabkobol webpages.

How Information is Collected on The Sabkobol Online Web Platform

You can provide information


Online web platform Sabkobol can get the information provided by you, which can be in the form of your name, email address, date of birth or any other such information which is provided directly by you. This information is provided to us when you sign up for newsletters, actively participate in the form of comments or suggestions or be the part of website survey.

You can also provide the personal information when you take part in an active discussion or other such forums of the website. As a user, you should understand that information provided by you in such forums is viewable for anyone who takes part in such forms or visits the website. It is always advisable to restrain yourself from posting any sensitive and personal information, which you think should be on the public platform. 

Information can be collected automatically when you visit online web platform Sabkobol

When you visit the website, Sabkobol and our third party partners and other affiliates may get some auto-generated information when you visit through the tools such as – cookies, web beacons and other such tools. The information which can be collected automatically can be when you visit the online web platform Sabkobol. Which includes – IP address, quality of an operating system, browser information, your system settings, mobile or computer used to access the website, unique device identifiers, page by page path is taken by you to access the website (clickstream data) and other such details which may not be identified personally.

Cookies are small files which websites and online services store the information about the users on the computer of the users. This website may use cookies such as – HTTP and HTML5 cookies and Flash cookies and some other types of local storage. You can get the more information and details on cookies at – In the lower sections, you can also be able to learn about more choices on how you can limit or disable the cookies on your computer. In case you opted to disable the cookies, it may lead to affect specific features of the particular website which uses cookies for enhanced working.

The automatic data collection is managed through the placing tags, which is also referred as – “web beacons” on website pages or emails sent by us to the visitors. Web beacons are small files which link web pages to the particular server and their cookies. They can use it for the many purposes like – counting the number of visitors to the specific website, analyzing users navigation in the website, collecting information on how many emails are being seen which is sent by us and which the visitor is accessing articles or links.

Third party web analytics services are also used by us, like – Google Analytics on the website, it provides us with the statistics and other information about the website visitors. You can click here for more information on Google analytics and how can keep out yourself from it.             

Your browser setting can allow you to automatically set to – “do not track” signals to the website and other online services which you accessed. Presently industry experts are having no consensus on the meaning of “do not track.” Similar to other websites Sabkobol is not configured to respond to “do not track” signals from the browsers. For more details & information on “do not track” Signals click here.   

The companies which provide third-party tools, apps, widgets, and plug-ins may appear on the website, like – Facebook “Like” Buttons. This third-party apps and tools may use automatic ways to collect information about the website visitor on how you interact with these features. This collection of information is subject to privacy policies or notices of these companies

Terms About Copyright Notice

 In case any image owner or content owner notices their work on the web platform Sabkobol, which are having their rights they can send us the 30 days notice to take down the content. In the case your notice is not entertained you can reach the Indian Court as our intent is not to own anybody’s work or content. We have our team, and we never thought to steal others hard work. In some of the instances, we may download some images provided by the Google, in case you own that with proper right we will surely put those down.

 How You Can Contact Us 

In any can, if you are having any query regarding our above policy and privacy practices, you are welcome to contact us on – In case you need to send any copyright notice or having an issue with the copyright you can send us at – 

Sabkobol Advertising Policy

To maintain the resources required we need to take the advertisements on our online web platform Sabkobol, so that you can have the content with the quality. We are very transparent in our activities, and you should be confident for the content and our services when you are our precious user, every user is valuable for us.

Online web platform Sabkobol has always maintained the distinction between the advertising and editorial content. 

  • Online platform Sabkobol clearly and unambiguously maintains the distinction between the editorial content from all advertisers or sponsored content. We identify the content through the metrics like as “Ad,” “Advertisement” “Sponsored Content” or other same designation which may guide you that the content is displayed on behalf of the sponsor.
  • All local ads on the web platform Sabkobol are identified as an – Ad, Advertisement or Sponsored or can be used with such similar terms. Which will help you to analyze that the sponsor is providing the content or?
  • All the content which is editorial is not having any influence of the sponsor unless it is a sponsored content. In such cases, the material will be detached and/or recognized with having the titles like – “Ads,” “Advertisements,” “Sponsored” or other such types of similar terms. Which means that the sponsor or the advertiser provides the content.
  • The content which is being advertised or sponsored on the Sabkobol is being subject to the guidelines.

E-commerce and Affiliate Link Disclosure

Compensation may be received to Sabkobol and its contributors to be a part of third-party affiliate marketing programs. It also includes purchases done on Sabkobol through the links of the e-commerce partners. Affiliate marketing links appearing on the Sabkobol and its other WebPages, which provides product reviews, will be demarcated and you can identify it with the disclaimer.

Sabkobol Advertising Guidelines

Advertising guidelines manage correctly and set the standards for the placement and display of the advertisements and sponsored contents – “Ads,” these “Ads” are given by marketer, advertisers, agencies or advertising programs – “Advertisers.” Advertisers must follow the Advertising Guidelines when they place “Ads” on the web platform Sabkobol. It also includes purchasing under the AAAA/IAB standards and their terms and conditions, on mobile properties or websites, which is owned or managed by Sabkobol. 

These guidelines provide general parameters for the Advertisers related with Ad creative and content hosted on the web platform Sabkobol. These guidelines are meant for every issue arises during business, and these guidelines may change from time to time which is the sole and absolute discretion of Sabkobol.

Advertisers must comply and understand all the laws and regulations, which includes FTC guidelines for advertising, endorsement, privacy, data security, and native advertising disclosure. It is recommended that all the Ads must be right, fair and different from editorial content. It is the responsibility of the advertisers that all the Ads are adequately substantiated. Advertisers must also comply with the Sabkobol Prohibited Content Guidelines and Necessary Standards which are listed below. These are the essential part of the Sabkobol Advertising Guidelines.

All the Ads served via networks or exchanges are being regularly reviewed, also if any other remedies Sabkobol is having, Sabkobol is having full right to discard or remove any Ads which do not meet these Guidelines. It does not matter whether those Ads were accepted earlier by online web platform Sabkobol.   

Prohibited Content of Online Web Platform Sabkobol

Ads served on Sabkobol should contain or promote the following things:

  • Gambling/Other Illegal Activities: Ads should not promote any illegal or prohibited activities which are not lawful as per the jurisdiction. It also includes hacking, counterfeiting and similar activities which may damage the intellectual property, contractual rights of others, privacy and publicity. Ads should also not promote gambling, casinos, betting, financial betting, sports or number games. Advertisements which promotes the state legal lottery can be permitted.
  • Intolerance/Discrimination/Hate: Ads should contain or promote the hate, discrimination or personal attacks on any individual, community, group, country or organization.
  • Indecency/Obscenity/Profanity: Ads should not contain or promote any indecent, obscene, offensive words, images, sound, videos or other similar content.
  • Illegal Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco: Ads should not promote the illicit drugs, illicit substances, alcoholic products (except beer or wine), drugs prescribing abuse, tobacco products or any similar products. Any legal product which promotes the quitting of tobacco or alcohol can be permitted.
  • Violence/Weapons: Ads should promote the use, making or distribution of weapons, firearms, explosives, ammunition, pyrotechnics or any other kind of weapons. Ads should also not contain any physical or emotional violence and harm to any person or animal.
  • False/Unverifiable Claims: Ads should not make false and unverifiable claims, which ordinary customers not able to understand and analyze.
  • Before/After Images: The Ads should not display “before and after” image or images which is having uncertain or unexpected results.
  • Health/Safety Claims: Ads should not promote any action which may damage harm one’s health like – drug abuse, bulimia, binge drinking or anorexia. Ads should not make any health claim which can’t be verified and not substantiated. If needed Advertisers have to submit supportive documents for what they are claiming.
  • Religious/Political: Ads should not have hostile, offensive, inflammatory or hateful words or speech, which is targeted to any religion, political or groups. In the same way, Ads should not exploit the controversial, social, religious or political matters for the commercial issue.
  • Sensitive Content: Ads should not display or target sensitive issues like – medical conditions, mental health, financial status, political affiliation, criminal record, race, creed, age, ethnic origin, religious or philosophical affiliation or beliefs, trade union membership and sexual orientation. 
  • Sexual/Adult Content: Ads should not contain partial or full nudity, portray people in specific positions or any activity which is sexually offensive. Ads should not include any pictures of images which is having explicit sexual acts or any lewd or lascivious behavior. Ads should not promote the erotic message, dating, escort, pornography or other similar sexual activities, products or services.
  • Defamation: Ads should not contain any defamation or disparaging content which may harm the image and reputation of Sabkobol or some other individual, organization or group.
  • Depictions: Ads should not contain the things which are vulgar, crude, degrading or may shocking or disgusting products, contents or services.
  • Extremism/Militant: Ads should not contain extraordinarily aggressive and combative behavior. Ads should not also contain illegal political measure which includes any group or individual promoting violence to achieve the specific goals.
  • Targeting Children: Ads should target the children by the means or cartoons or any similar content ( Age 16 Minimum).
  • Misleading/False/Deceptive: Ads should not contain any information or content which is misleading, false or deceptive. It includes deceptively generate “clicks” like fake “close” buttons.
  • Free Goods/Services: Ads should not promote or distribute any services or product which is free.
  • Competition to Sabkobol/Affiliates: Ads should not promote anything which is directly competitive to Sabkobol, its partners, affiliates or other similar entity.

Sabkobol Additional Standards

Advertisers and Ads should comply with the following:

  • Malicious Software: Ads should not contain any malicious code, software, viruses which includes – adware, spyware, malware or Trojan horses.
  • Separation: Ads should contain clear separation and border and should not be seen as editorial part of the Sabkobol.
  • Audio/Animation: Ads should not contain disruptive audio or animation which plays automatically.
  • Popups/Downloads: Ads should not include pop-ups, floating layers, lead Ads, surveys or any digital downloads.
  • Phishing: Ads should not track or trick user for opening account, providing money or providing personal or other sensitive information.
  • Propriety Rights: Ads should not violate any trademark, trade secret, copyright, publicity, privacy, patent or another related right of Sabkobol or any third party. Advertisers must not change, interfere with the display and readability of the Sabkobol trademarks, Logos, service marks, slogans, and designs.
  • Compatibility: Ads must be compatible with Apple and PC formats, it should also be compatible with major web browsers.
  • Independence: Ads should not affect or compromise the autonomy of Sabkobol editorial content.
  • Endorsements: Ads should not create or imply the existence of any endorsement by Sabkobol, which includes products, service or organization.
  • Landing Pages: Landing pages related to Ads should not engage in “bait and switch,” it should correspond to Ads call to action.
  • Data Collection/Use: Ads should retrain themselves from collecting user information, or making them register through open-box forms. Ads should not collect or sell mailing list or data of Sabkobol users without the user permission. Advertisers should not collect any Sabkobol users information which is personally identifiable or places any cookies, applets or similar files. In case these files transmit personally identifiable information to the Advertisers, they must handle the data with due care, should not misuse any data which they are collecting with permission. Advertisers should not collect any data for the purposes which are not clear or specified or not having proper security measures.

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